Sunday, June 23, 2013

Outdoor Movie Night!

   A couple of weeks ago we were sitting at the dinner table and I mentioned to my family how I thought it would be fun to have an outdoor movie night on the last day of school.  I had been seeing some really great inspiration online and my head and Pinterest were becoming flooded with pretty string lights and popcorn tables. However, between a baby, a new house and everything else we've had going on we decided that it was too much for right now.

Our 6-year-old decided that it wasn't.  So when we picked her up from school and were met with lots of excited inquiries about our movie night including date, time and details, we were not only surprised but committed.  100%!

I quickly started a search for a good movie night flyer template and found this great download.  We just inserted our info, printed, taped on some tickets and bam-instant movie night!

I hadn't realized that cheap standard projectors are no longer readily available and almost fainted when I saw the prices of the new High Definition ones.  Thank goodness for a great rental company we have in town; we managed to rent an Epson projector, screen and popcorn machine for a little over $100.  After some hasty planning, Friday approached and we ran around the yard trying to figure out where to put the screen.  Once we found the perfect spot I threw up some cute paper lantern lights and our stage was set:

My husband wired up the projector, audio and popcorn machine and set out a whole bunch of toys and yard games for the kids to play while they waited for the movie to start.  (Did I mentioned that Friday was the summer solstice?!  Whoops!)

Soon, despite our short notice, we had a whole bunch of excited little ones come running up our lawn!  The weather was perfect-not too warm and no signs of rain.

We let the kids run around for a while before starting the movie.  Eventually it (finally!) became dark outside and everyone settled around the screen for our family flick.  We decided to show Monsters, Inc. since Monsters University came out the same day in theaters. 

About halfway through the movie the kids started getting riled up. They jumped through the projection and chased after fireflies that were passing through the yard.  You could tell that they were really excited to be up with their friends and outside way after their bedtimes.  It brought back memories of being a kid, and the excitement that came with the beginning of summer.

We weren't sure how well our movie night was going to actually play out but it ended up being a great success-both the kids and their parents seemed to have a lot of fun.  The best part was that it was a fairly inexpensive event with easy cleanup.  Thanks to our little one's PR abilities, we now have a great new end-of-the-year tradition! 

What are some of your summer traditions?


Anonymous said...

Ah! This is so brilliant. Super cute idea; you pulled it off well. :)

Jacqueline H. said...

Thank you! It was a really fun way to kick off the summer and pretty easy, too considering the short notice our daughter gave us! ;)